SIEF is one of Canada's first Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFI). We provide financing for First Nation's start-up businesses and to existing First Nation businesses operating in Saskatchewan. Quite often First Nations entrepreneurs cannot access financing through larger financial institutions, this can slow down or even stop business development. SIEF was established as a potential solution and further encourages First Nations economic development.

A "developmental loan" is a business loan that is provided to Aboriginal entrepreneurs or business entities owned and controlled by Aboriginal people or communities that face difficulty in obtaining business financing from a mainstream commercial financial institution.

Access to commercial loans and other forms of commercial financing by Aboriginal people and communities may be impaired by such factors as: lower income and savings, limited business experience, lower educational levels, inadequate collateral, smaller consumer markets, rural and remote locations, security restrictions (Section 89, Indian Act) and higher debt to equity ratios.

Developmental loans do not include residential or passive mortgage loans, personal loans or personal lines of credit of any nature, or loans and financing of any kind that will not be used directly for the purpose of business development.

Solutions to your lending needs:
  • Capital Loans: Businesses usually need to purchase assets to begin operating; SIEF can provide financing for purchases for your business.
  • Working Capital/Operating Loans: Daily operations may see your business running short on cash, SIEF may be able to provide short term lending to meet these needs.
  • Bridge Financing: If you have a guaranteed source of revenue, such as government grants/funding, SIEF may be able to provide lending until funding is received.
  • Participation Loans: SIEF will consider partnering with another Financial Institution if your financing needs exceed SIEF lending guidelines.
Applicant eligibility and criteria:
  • Must be First Nation and a resident of Saskatchewan.
  • Business must be First Nation owned with at least 51% ownership.
  • Financing available to First Nation individuals, Bands, Tribal Councils, and legal entities associated with First Nation's groups.
  • Starting a new business, acquiring an existing business, or expanding current business.
  • Business plan with financial projections (advisory services available through Business Development Office).
  • Commercial or Agricultural loan application completed, signed and returned to commercial/agricultural loans manager.

Our services have been developed to effectively enhance the entrepreneur's ability to succeed. We are open to First Nation Individual, Bands, Tribal Councils, or other First Nations organizations that are interested in business advice and information.

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